Cinema Soloriens and the Cosmo-Drama

Since beginning this ambitious project 17 years ago with Marshall Allen, leader of The Sun Ra Arkestra, filmmaker/musician James Harrar sees Cinema Soloriens as a constantly evolving creative and spiritual learning center.  

Cinema Soloriens is a multi-media performance consisting of James Harrar’s experimental and highly personal film and video images with a live musical rendering of soundtracks for each film.  The musical concepts are created, directed and performed by Harrar (tenor sax, EVI, flute, bulbul tarang, reeds, voice and effects) with Marshall Allen (alto sax, flute, keyboards, EVI and effects) and a stellar changing line-up of gifted musicians.

The project places attention on Artist collaboration, exploring the moving image with live performance and when combined, an attempt to reveal deeper levels of interpretation within Harrar’s visceral film poems.  These presentations also celebrate the early beginnings of cinema, providing live music to support and elevate the silent movie experience.
In addition to exploring sound and image within Cinema Soloriens, Harrar is investigating aspects of his Tewa/Isleta Pueblo Native American identity.  He believes that language is the essential lifeblood of any culture.  Unfortunately, many Southwestern Native American tribes are losing the very soul of their heritage.  Mythical Tewa stories and mystic chants are presented in the Tewa (Tuei) dialect.  
Over the years, Cinema Soloriens has involved many talented musicians to the core of Allen and Harrar, Eric Thielemans, Giovanni Barcella, Chris Cutler & Geoff Leigh(Henry Cow, Artaud Beats), Daevid Allen (Gong, Soft Machine), Art Jenkins & Yahya Abdul-Majid (Sun Ra Arkestra), Michael Gibbons (Bardo Pond) and Rogier Smal (Dagora) to name a few.
Any musical incarnation of Cinema Soloriens reveals a group possessing a penchant for psychedelic rock, outre ethnological improvisations and Marshall Allen approved jazzy stomps of which these performances deliver in equal measure.


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